What is Facility Management?

Facility management is the managerial branch of a company that specifically handles matters relating to the physical facilities and properties of that company. Whether it’s a sidewalk trip-fall hazard or a matter of on-site energy management, facilities management is all about maintaining the physical properties. Beyond simply maintaining such physical assets, however, facilities management also seeks to assure safety, code compliance, property equity, and any other positive effects gleaned from proactive facilities management.

Specific Duties

Meet with corporate management to review facility management matters

Hire, fire, and otherwise maintain an appropriate workforce of maintenance professionals.

Maintain a facility management budget.

Maintain outside service contracts, an on-site parts inventory, and other means that allow for all aspects of property maintenance.

Inspect properties and facilities proactively.

Work with local codes and other, overseeing, inspecting agencies of government so as to facilitate steady safety and good standing.

Identify and address safety and risk concerns above all others.

Continuously look for ways to improve any and all aspects of facilities and property.

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