Facility Management Major Requirements at Chaffey College

What Can I Do With This Certificate And/Or Associate Degree?

• Administrative Service
• Sports Facilities Manager
• Quality Control Technician
• Park Facilities Supervisor
• Construction Manager
• Plant Supervisor
• Logistics Coordinator
• School Campus Facilities
• Retail Operations Supervisor
• Distribution Center Manager
• Facility Operations
• Lodging Manager

Where Can I Work?

This pathway provides you with a choice of various work environments including:
• Manufacturing
• Parks & Recreation
• Retail Centers
• Distribution Centers
• School Campuses
• Sports Facilities
• Food and Beverage Companies
• Local and Federal Government
• Oil, Gas, Electric Companies
• Transportation
• Hydroelectric Plants
• Warehousing and Storage
• Wholesale Trade
• Construction Companies
• Travel Industry
• Hotel Industry

How Do I Know This Major Is For Me?

• You are organized, detail-orientated, and like to solve problems
• You enjoy motivating, developing, and directing people as they work
• You like to direct the allocation of materials, supplies, and products
• You are results oriented
• You enjoy directing or coordinating departments and activities/production
of a business, agency, or organization
• You enjoy setting goals and deadlines
• You like to determine how money will be spent to get the work done, and
accounting for these expenditures
• You like to make decisions and take risks