FMA’s FM Research and Benchmarking Institute (RBI) has released “Climate Change Fundamentals for Facility Management Professionals,” the first report to address climate change as it relates to facility management roles and responsibilities. The report was published in partnership with IFMA’s Environmental Stewardship, Utilities and Sustainability Community (ESUS) and sponsored by BGIS.

Free to download through IFMA’s Knowledge Library

The Report Covers

  • A layman’s explanation of the science behind climate change.
  • How the contribution of human activity to climate change is identified and measured.
  • Projected impacts of climate change that affect the survival of humanity, including clean water; breathable air; agriculture, domestic and wildlife animal survival; livable temperatures; weather patterns and rising sea levels.
  • How industrial and commercial structures contribute to climate change.
  • Direct and indirect effects of commercial construction on a building’s carbon footprint.
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